Slots are among the most played Gambling games of all time. People enjoy trying their luck. They know that if their luck worked, they would be able to win lots of money within seconds. Slots can change the life of an individual within a few minutes. But, generally, we see that people who are playing slot games are way too serious. The online generation has changed the world of gambling. Online Gambling allowed people to gamble and play slots without any restrictions.

Many people love to read comic books. But, it would be awesome to play slots that have been inspired by the comic books. Many slot companies have used it as a strategy to ensure that they collect a good amount of users daily. They have started using comic book characters in slot games. So, the users would also receive entertainment along with the chance to win money. This is the main thing that people have demanded in their online slots activity for a long time. Some of the best comic book slot games which you should try right now are as follows-

Suicide Squad

As the name suggests, this slot game has been made for all DC lovers. So, if you are a DC fan, then you will enjoy playing slots on this platform. They took the characters which have been featured in supervillain films taken out during the year 2016. Being inspired by the game of these characters, the developers of this platform decided to feature them in their slot games. So, if you have already watched this movie before, you would be able to check many recognizable faces in the slot game.

Batman and Catwoman Cash

This is another popular slot game platform that took inspiration from the comic book Batman. We all know that Batman is one of the most popular comic books of all time. Batman has remained in the industry since the 1960s. This has been the main reason behind which the Batman and Catwoman Cash slot games platform has succeeded. Along with that, this platform also provides many other features which did not fail to interact more users to their platform. They have provided a total of 25 pay lines. Users would be able to make a lot of money easily on this platform by trying their luck.

The Dark Knight

If you are a Batman lover, then you would also be aware of the Dark Knight. He is known to be one of the biggest enemies of Batman due to which he has been quite popular ever since the launch of the movie during the year 2006. Because of this reason, he has also been featured in a slot game which has been named the Dark Knight. The developers of this game are the Playtech company. Playtech is known to provide the best services to the users in the industry. This movie proved to be the final and also the best movie made by Heath Ledger. But he was also awarded an Oscar because of the awesome movie he made before his retirement.


If you are a kid from the 1980s, then the name Thundercats would be giving you some nostalgia. This is such a popular comic book among the kids of the previous era that they still would be addicted to the same. Blueprint Gaming saw that the Thundercats series is becoming way too popular in the industry. They decided to take the advantage of the same. So, they developed a slot games platform for all the Thundercats fans. In turn, this allowed them to find a huge audience within a small amount of time.

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